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by Shani
(London )


Nopal Cactus


Hi, I live in London and I have recently bought home a nopal cactus that was in clearance in a market. Despite it being a bit marked, I bought it home to see if I can restore it or give it a chance.

You see, the cactus leaves have these scab like white-ish marks on them, I tried doing some research and by what has come up – it looked like it may be mealybugs or pest infection. One of the treatments I found said to mix apple cider vinegar with water and test it on a patch, I tried that and it took off a tiny amount but I don’t think its really doing much in the long run.

I was wondering if it is actually pest related or just marks from being old or from previously being in the wrong setting.

What should I do based on what you think it is and is it possible to save it?


Comments for What should I do about this Cactus?

Jul 23, 2022

Not Mealy Bugs
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Mealy bugs are covered in a white waxy, cottony substance, and tend to cluster in crevices and nooks in the plant, not on the surface like this.

What this looks like is that the plant was knocked off and damaged in a fall.

There is nothing you can do for it, that damage is permanent.

However, it will grow lots more new leaves (pads) and it will be covered up, eventually.

It looks good, no need for panic. Just – please – don’t over water it! With cactus, you have to be cruel to be kind.