by lori


waxy hard leaf

waxy hard leaf

mom received 8 plants for her 90th birthday.
two of which i cannot identity.

waxy hard leaf may be like snake plant

another plant don’t think is succulent,
maybe you know what it could be…daisy?

The first one with the waxy leaves looks like it could be the Starfish plant, Cryptanthus bivittatus

For the other one, that looks like a daisy, well it’s pretty difficult to tell from just the flower, but one plant that is quite often sold as a house plant is Cineraria, and these have brightly colored flowers similar to these.

Sorry I can’t be of more help with that, but there is a joke in the botanical field about daisy like flowers, and the short form is something like ‘AYD’, meaning ‘another yellow daisy’ as there are so many similar flowers.

Happy House Plant Growing, and best wishes to your Mom!