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by Richard Diggelmann
(Johns Creek, GA, USA)


String Bean wannabe

It is a tall plant, upwards of a foot and a half. Greyish green in color, leaves shaped just like string beans. Grows straight up.

Comments for Grows like crazy, easy to split and replant

Aug 23, 2014
by: Jacki

Hi Richard, your plant is something I am not familiar with. I don’t recognize it off the top of my head, maybe someone else will see this and know it.

Is this plant something that you see often in your area? Maybe another gardener close by will be able to tell you what it is. Also, does it bloom? Sometimes that makes plants easier to identify.

Sorry I can’t help with this one!

Aug 23, 2014
String beans?
by: Richard Diggelmann

The mother of this plant came in a Kroger succulent arrangement. It has not bloomed yet [2 months] .

Apr 15, 2015
String Bean wannabe
by: CoCo

Looks like Senecio Blue Chalk Fingers.