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by Tara Keiter
(Orlando, FL, USA)


Foundation Plants, Orlando FL


Hi Jacki,

I live in Orlando, FL, USA (looks like zone 9B to me) and a landscaper planted these plants just outside my house a couple of years ago. They are in the front of the house and the get a great deal of sun all day. My property stays pretty wet. I hired a new lawn maintenance crew and they said these trees (palms?) might get root-balls that are large enough to damage the foundation of my house. Your thoughts?

I appreciate your input.

Tara Keiter

Comments for Was this a HUGE mistake?

May 09, 2020

Oh Boy!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Personally, I never plant anything that will get to any kind of size within a few feet of a building.

They tend to either get too big and end up having to be beheaded (nothing uglier!) or they end up being one sided (everything on the back side dies).

I don’t have any experience with palm trees, but in general, they tend to be quite big. I wonder if you have somewhere else that would suit their ultimate size better and could move them before they get too big? That would be my recommendation.

Sorry for the bad news, but better to move them and have no issues later on with either foundation destruction, dead on one side plants, or beheaded ones.

In addition, it’s a shame to cover up the gorgeous architectural details on your lovely house! Plant something smaller that won’t cover up the pillars and the window.