by lena
(highland lakes NJ)

Was in full bloom last week with full foilage. Came to house this weekend it is dead. Did my neighbor poison it? If this is true can you tell me how I can figure this out?

Whoa, wait a minute before you start accusing someone of poisoning your plant! There are many other ways that plants can be killed off. If you’re referring to Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’ they are prone to a few problems. These include a susceptibility to certain fungal and bacterial issues, including the dreaded Phytopthera ramorum, which can kill full grown trees in 48 hours or less. Please don’t start a feud over this with your neighbor – how would you feel if the death of your shrub was caused by something completely different. Intensive research is crucial to get all your ducks in a row.

You can ask a horticulturist or your local extension agent to visit, and see if there is anything tell tale that they can suggest as a cause of death, or if there is any hope of recovery.

Best of luck with this,

Comments for my snow ball bush

Jun 04, 2013

plight of my snow ball plant
by: Anonymous

No worries! I would never start a feud with him. (He’s in his 90’s) I definitely will get a pro to look at it. A very good idea I might add.

Does Phytopthera spread to other plants?

Ha ha! Yes, hopefully he’s not cantankerous!

Yes, Phytopthera ramorum is extremely contagious – it was first discovered in oak forests where it kills 90% of the trees, and then moves to other plants. You will (sadly) need to get rid of your shrub, if this is the case. Your extension agent will be able to tell you for sure. Don’t do anything too hastily – it’s possible that it’s not P. ramorum, but you don’t want to risk it. Best of luck!