unidentified succulent

this succulent has many separate arms coming from the soil with thick leaves along the length of the arms

This little guy is one of the Haworthia – there are many different species, but this one is fairly typical; the leaves just keep on making a longer and longer stem, each whorl just adding another layer. Interestingly, the older leaves generally don’t age; they have the ability to stay where they belong, on the stem.

I use the ‘unscrewing a lightbulb’ method of propagation on these plants; it’s exactly as it sounds, just pinch the top of the stem and twist until it comes off and the shoot makes a nice new plant, and it has the added benefit of forcing new branches to bush out, making it much more compact.

You can see more about Haworthia here; follow the instructions for growing them on that page, because they do have slightly different needs than most other succulents.

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Comments for long, many legs with (leaves) along entire length

Mar 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your quick & informative reply!

You’re welcome!