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Unknown Vancouver Sedum

Drought Smart Plants reply:
This is some type of Sedum spathufolium, which is a native to British Columbia and other areas on the west coast, where it grows well on really thin soil on rocky bluffs around some of the coastal islands.

The flowers are yellow, in a dense cluster, and in the fall, the leaves quite often turn red or purple.

There are several great varieties; Sedum spathufolium ‘Capo Blanco’ which is one very recognizable type is thickly covered with white ‘bloom’ or a waxy coating.

Others that you might see are S. s. Purpureum, which as the name suggests is tinged purple, especially in the fall. A hybrid type with S. spathufolium as one parent is S. x ‘Moonglow’, which is bigger than the type, and very attractive.

Hope this helps identify your Sedum!

Comments for Unknown Vancouver Sedum

Apr 16, 2012

Unknown Vancouver Sedum
by: Anonymous

Hello Jacki, Thank you for your reply. I was able to find a photo online which identifies this as a Sedum spathulifolium var. purpurea.