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by Susan
(New York, USA)


This is a succulent of some kind with round leaves that take the form of small rosettes, but it is a long-stemmed plant. I am having a hard time identifying it and my friend has had it so long, she doesn’t remember what it’s called. The shoots are doing well and I am hopeful because they are rooting in plain water. But I want to be sure I give them the right kind of conditions but it’s hard if I don’t know what it is!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

That’s exactly why I like to ID my plants – they all need slightly different care to thrive.

This one, however, has me puzzled. I thought it looked like a Crassula, or jade tree, but it’s a little different, judging by the bamboo like stems.

As it’s rooting for you in the water, I would just continue what you’re doing; one thing I would watch for is if it starts to rot, as most of these types of plant don’t like to be in water too long.

The other issue that happens is that the roots are so brittle and easily broken that they can’t adapt to life in soil when you pot them up, so I would get it planted as soon as possible after it roots.

You can pot it into a small pot with damp soil, then put the whole thing into a clear plastic bag, blow some air into it and tie the top closed. This gives it exactly the right conditions to live in while it makes roots.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for Unknown Succulent Plant Cutting

Jan 31, 2020

Long Stemmed Succulent
by: Carol Deribeprey


My aunt gave me a piece. I searched and searched and found this:
Kalancho panamensis (Marnieriana succelent)

Hope this helps

Jul 05, 2017

Plant ID
by: Ross

Crassula multicava ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aug 02, 2014

Name of plant? Jade type??
by: Hollie

Jade looking? Stems green to bark n color, no blooms, how to root a piece of it & replant??
Never has been successful n the past?? Help!!

Mar 03, 2012

looks like “desert rose” (Adenium obesum)
by: Amanda

Desert Rose

It should have little pink flowers in a couple years ๐Ÿ™‚

Oct 30, 2011

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
by: Susan in NYC

I soooo appreciate your help with my plant! My New York environment indoors get sooooooo hot during the winter, that I have nooo success with many plants but I am hopeful about these succulents because they like the desert! And if this will flower so profusely, I would be even happier!

Oct 02, 2011

by: Jacki

That’s it exactly! I like the comment from Jacquie (a different one) about it being Crassulas revenge on Kalanchoe dagremontiana – I don’t have to worry about that where I am, as all my plants go indoors for the winter, but definitely, if you’re in a warmer climate, don’t let them escape!

Oct 02, 2011

Crassula Multiflora
by: Vickie

It looks like Crasula Multiflora. Check out the picture here; Unknown Flowering Succulent.

It can be invasive, tiny leaves will drop and start plants anywhere. Keep it away from other plants or planter boxes.