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by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)


Amys Little Unknown Crassula

Here’s a cute little plant I got in a swap this fall (2011) and it was simply listed as a Crassula. Anyone out there that can ID this properly, please let me know.

Many Crassula have a distinct attachment of the leaves to the stem, without any real petiole, simply an extension of the leaves which are loosely attached to the fleshy stem. In many cases, the leaves fall off at the slightest touch, to root where they fall right on top of the soil, making a colony of new plants.

This Crassula shows the typical five parted flowers, with the semi fused petals, and prominent stamens. If you can tell me what this is species wise, I’ll be forever grateful!

Comments for Unknown Crassula

Jul 25, 2022

by: Zeke

Looks like Crassula ‘Rosebud’ grown in poor light

Mar 23, 2012

unknown crassula known
by: Anonymous

This is a Crassula sarcocaulis