Textured, Smooth, Chubby or Spikey Exotic Succulent Plants

Choose your favorite type of succulent plant – there are so many, and all are fascinating and interesting.

Some are spikey and splashed, like many Aloe; lots of them have chubby fat leaves to store water; gorgeous flowers; prickles; modified stems; the variations are almost endless.


No matter how many of these fascinating plants you see, there are always more that are just as interesting and intriguing.

Exotic types of succulents can be unusual forms of more common plants, like the monstrose cultivars of Echeveria. They may be variegated or oddly colored.

Some of these types of succulents need slightly different care than the more common ones they’re derived from. Often, they’ll revert back to plain coloration, or the growth of some branches might show some regular growth and some contorted growth.

The more I know about these plants, the more there is to know and appreciate.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, your choices are almost endless; most tender succulent plants originate in areas that have extremely bright light, heat and drought.

They are perfectly adapted to these conditions but many can’t withstand even a small amount of frost.

Hardy succulents are found in habitats that are cold and inhospitable, sometimes under meters of snow in the winter, and blazingly bright yet cool in the summer, high in mountain tops.

Their favorite environment will be in poor soil in a rock garden or raised bed where the drainage is perfect. Select the site carefully in an outdoor garden to make sure these unusual plants are happy.

All succulents, hardy and tender types alike, prefer dry climates. Too much humidity in the air can contribute to rot, even if the soil is well drained.


These are reliable, versatile and lovely, such as the many Sedum and Sempervivum that are available as well as their cousins, the Jovibarba.

Whether your interest is in desert plants, epiphytes, cactus plants or the many other miscellaneous tender succulent plants that are grown all over the world, there will always be yet another gorgeous one to add to your collection of Euphorbia, Echeveria, Crassula or Kalanchoe.

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Got a weird plant that you can’t identify? Check the chart here to narrow it down.

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