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Hi – I was hoping for any help possible on these:

The first is small with forked “fingers” and a yellow flower. The largest fingers are the size of my average sized pinkie.

The second might be some kind of Crassula. It does OK in full, hot sun, and doesn’t need as much water as my other succulents. I haven’t had it long enough to see it flower.


Hi Haveda, the first plant is possibly one of the many Delosperma, based mostly on the flower shape and color. However, cruising my usual haunts got me nowhere on that. The other little guy reminds me of Tigers Jaws, or Faucaria. Dave’s Garden Website has more about that, which might give you a place to start looking.

Sorry I’m not much help with your search this time!

Please post again when you find out what they are.

Comments for Two unidentified (and very different) succulents

Jun 07, 2013

More on your plants
by: Jacki

I talked to one of my contacts, who posted the pics on a forum they are on, and this is what they said;

“Oscularia deltoides & Rhombophyllum dyeri (yellow flowers)

You could confirm that doing a Google Image search but the woman has a big C&S nursery (in the U.S. of course) so I think she’s probably correct. Pics of plants in bloom are always easier for ID but these are fairly distinct, I think, and definitely in the Aizoaceae/Mesemb family.”

Hope that helps!

Jun 09, 2013

Thank you!
by: haveda

I’m floored! I’ve been trying to figure these out for quite a while, and you nailed them so quickly. Thanks very much!