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There’s something about little plants that look like baby feet – this one ticks all the boxes. The crimped little ‘toes’ and the hairy stems are two of the characteristics most noticed with this plant.


Propagate this little guy with stem cuttings, and grow them on the dry side.

Those long hairs will hold moisture and prevent it from drying out, another strategy for survival. Don’t overwater it, as the hairs will, as noted above, hold moisture – this can lead to rotting.

Any plant that grows on stems like this tends to need bright enough light to prevent them from stretching for more, so bright filtered light in a west window is perfect.

Although there are many other species in this genus, Adromischus cristata is by far the most popular. 

You’ll see it named for its funny looks, with names like baby toes, frog toes succulent, and key lime plant.  With those kinds of descriptive common names, it’s no wonder it’s so popular!

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