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by Kenzie VenOsdel
(Springfield, South Dakota)


Ti Plant, Cordyline terminalis


Hello! I am wondering if I would be safe to plant two plants in one pot together. I have an Aloe Plant and a Hawaiian Ti plant. I live in zone 5a, but I am planning to keep the babes inside.

Thanks in advance!

Comments for Two plants one pot

May 20, 2020

I wouldn’t
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

These two plants are not compatible. The Ti Plant, Cordyline terminalis, is a jungle type plant, preferring a peat based soil, or one high in organic matter. Aloe, in general, dislike anything that will hold lots of moisture, preferring a well drained soil that will dry out completely between waterings.

It’s also recommended to spray a Ti Plant, to wash off dust, but if you spray an Aloe, it will quickly rot.

So if you wanted to plant two similar plants, such as two succulents, you would have to choose two that wouldn’t out compete each other, to the detriment of one of them. They are not all created equal – some are much more vigorous than others.

So plant each plant into its own pot, with soil specifically engineered to keep them happy. You can display them together, as long as the Aloe gets enough light. The Ti Plant doesn’t need as much, preferring filtered sunlight, bright but not intense.