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by Aaron


Plant 1


One of the plants has long branching green stem with small narrow leaves at the end.

The branches are jointed in several places.

It seems to prefer dry conditions and lots of sun. It used to have either an orange or a green coloring to it (I can’t remember which).

The second plant has burgundy stem, somewhat round light to medium green leaves that are ridged around the edges with somewhat visible purple/burgundy veins.

The leaves are waxy looking. It seems to prefer filtered light and a normal amount of water. I can’t tell if it’s growing vine-like or mounding.

Hi Aaron, because I can’t really tell if those are actual leaves or just more stems it’s hard to tell on the first one.

It could be one of the Euphorbia, similar to this one: Rubber Hedge.

The second one is Swedish Ivy, Plectranthus australis.

It’s actually not supposed to look like this, and might actually like to be refurbished; these can root quickly in a jar of water, so just cut some nice healthy stems, root them and remake the container. Yes, they are best as a hanging plant trailing over the edges of a hanging basket.

Hope that helps,

Comments for Two Plants I’m Having Trouble Identifying

Jan 05, 2015

Novice Succulent Gardener
by: Jim Brown

The first one sure looks like a” fire stick” or Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’ – Red Pencil Tree. If it had hot weather and was not over watered it would have a reddish tint.

Oct 18, 2016

by: orieanna

Definitely a Fire Stick.
They grow wild in Victoria. Tiny spiky looking ‘leaves’
They go a beautiful orangey red. Hence FIRE.