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by Melissa
(Paradise, NL, Canada)


This beast is growing fast and well, but his pot is getting very enclosed. I have never replanted anything of this sort and I don’t want to cause any damage. Is there a proper process. Also, the pups shown, can they be removed?
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Jan 06, 2021

You won’t damage it…
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturis

First, dump the plant out of the pot onto your outstretched hand. Then look at the roots; are they filling the entire soil ball? Then you’ll need to disentangle them a bit. If they are showing shriveled or brown bits, cut them off with sharp scissors.

Then prepare your pot – see this page to determine the correct size. Make sure it’s got a drain hole!

Then, assemble your soil; this needs to be dry, and fast draining. More about that  here.

Yes you can remove the pups – just pull them off and plant them separately.

Don’t water for a couple of days, to let the torn / cut roots callous.