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by Lisa M
(N Calif)


Trailing succulent

Trailing,flat but ‘plump’ waxy, bright green leaves, grows fast, blooms profuse red bell like flowers. I got it as part of a succulent bowl in a N. Calif Wal-Mart. Took it to a nursery no luck ID’ing it.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hmm. That’s pretty isn’t it? I like the shiny leaves.

I’m wondering if it’s possibly some kind of Aeschynanthus, the Goldfish Plant. It sort of fits your description of the bell like flowers, although you would most likely recognize the type of blooms, which are more tubular or urn shaped than bell like.

Aeschynanthus radicans

Does this look like it? I think the leaves are a bit different, but arranged the same way, opposite on the stem. It might not be this exact plant, but one similar.


Comments for Trailing Succulent?

Apr 26, 2012

could be…
by: Lisa M

I looked at the pix. I think it could be from this family, very similar, maybe a variation? the leaves are a bit different, on my plant, the leaves are slightly serrated.

My plant also has lots of air roots. It is just gorgeous displayed in a hanging basket planter. It is fast growing, doesn’t like frost & seems prone to aphid attacks. I was hoping to ID it so I can purchase another. This will help a lot, thanks!

Drought Smart Plants says; I thought the same thing – related to this plant, somewhat similar.

Instead of purchasing another one, why not learn how to propagate your own? You can see more about it here: Succulent Plant Propagation.


Feb 21, 2013

Lipstick plant
by: Anonymous

My mom had one of these in her house for a long time and she called it a lipstick plant. Hope this may be helpful to you.

Sep 18, 2014

Same thing…
by: Jacki

Aeschynanthus is a large genus and it’s related to African Violets, if you can believe it. The Lipstick Plant and the Goldfish Plant both belong to it, so we’re all right!