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by joseph beck
(Denver, Colorado, US)

There was a discussion of tomatoes today on NPR. i wasn’t able to ask a question so i am sending it to you. i potted a tomato from last summer and it has wintered over, here in Colorado. Do you have an opinion on how the tomatoes might taste if it produces this year. Might they taste the same or better, or not so good? Thank you so much for your site, takair ee Colorado.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Joseph, thank you so much for the compliment; I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site. About your tomato plant, if this is the exact same plant, with the same DNA, there will be very little difference in the flavor.

However, depending on the cultivation and fertilization of the plant, this could alter the taste a bit, but it may be so minute of a difference you most likely won’t notice.

Most of what the taste of tomatoes depends on is the amount of nutrients that are available to it, so potting it into good compost or using compost tea will most likely pump them full of flavor.

Did you know that tomato plants grow really well from cuttings? Something to try, to get some really early tomatoes going.

Happy Tomato Gardening!

Comments for tomato that winter over

May 25, 2012

Tomatoes are Perennials!
by: Trudi

It’s certainly possible as toms are perennial in frost free climates. I would set it into a cool, not cold windowsill with a minumum of five hours light a day , cut it back 3/4s of its height at least, and give it a weak feeding.

Sometimes when you bring in plants from the outside they can also carry in small insects like white flies, worms in the soil, maybe a slug or two. If need be, take the plant to the sink and with the sprayer hose douse the leaves and stems making sure you get the undersides of the leaves too.

Repotting or removing and replacing the top two or three inches of soil can be very helpful.

May 27, 2012

by: Farouk

Amazing I have never thought of tomato cuttings I can’t wait to try this out in my garden, I learn so much from this site.
Thank You! Your friend from down under. 🙂

Thanks Farouk – glad I’m giving you lots of food for thought – pun intended!