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Chili Plant

So in March, when the quarantine started, I decided to plant some chili seeds I had leftover and this beautiful plant sprouted and grew through the months. She’s been outside all this time, and now that temperatures are going down, I decided to put her inside to maintain a bit of warmth?

She has 3 little chilies, I’m still waiting for them to get red. Do you have any tips to care for it while indoors? Thank you!

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Oct 08, 2020

It won’t be easy
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

It won’t be easy to give it the right conditions indoors. Chili peppers love the heat and bright light they get in a Mexican summer. Day length is not so important as intensity. You could get a grow light, but really, for three peppers, it may not be worth it. So choose the brightest window you have, preferably south facing, where it will get lots of light all day.

You don’t even need the plant, to ripen the chilis. They will ripen off the plant, on a windowsill. They will be equally as hot as if they were on the plant, if that’s what you like. Discard the plant, it’s never going to amount to much more than what you’ve got so far.

Oct 10, 2020

by: OP

That’s so sad! The plant looks great though. But maybe you’re right 🙁