by Cindy
(up-state NY)

I recently transplanted my jade, in some garden soil, and have discovered a tomatoe plant also growing in the same pot. Will the tomatoes be safe to eat, or should I repot one of the plants?

I would most likely repot the Jade into something other than garden soil, not because of the tomatoes but because if you’re ever going to take the plant indoors, you don’t want to be also inviting pathogens into the house.

Sterilized potting soil, with added gravel or pumice for drainage is best.

I also strongly doubt that the tomatoes would be able to amount to much; you would in most cases not water your Crassula as much as the tomato plant would need, so it’s unlikely that your tomato plant would bear fruit.

Hope that helps give you a direction for keeping peace in the garden!

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