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by cari
(frisco texas)


Took clipping from our neighbor last year and now have tons of it. Seem like a thinner succulent, will grow in shade or sun

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Cari, this looks very similar to some of the border Sedum, or Stonecrop. If it grows from a central crown, and makes several tall stalks with a big cluster of bloom on top, this could be it. There are some that have pale pink flowers, but I wasn’t aware that there were any white ones.

The Sedum spectabile/telephium group are interesting plants, not least of which, to butterflies. Many Monarch butterflies will flock to them in bloom.

If this is what you have, great score! Your nectar corridor and butterfly garden is off to a good start.

You can see more about these plants here: Sedum for borders.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

Comments for thin green small white flower when mature in summer

Apr 18, 2012

by: Cariana


I forgot to add in my description that the stalks are quite tall. I would say my tallest stalk is about 6 or more inches. Is that still sedum? They have only bloomed once and that was last year, I seem to remember that they were white but they could have been more light yellow. Will send you a pic when it blooms this year.

Cariana, the stems on the ones in the link I sent you are taller – these can be upwards of a foot, sometimes less depending on the species.

I’ll await your picture – generally, Sedum doesn’t have yellow flowers, more in the pink/salmon/red shades. However, nothing more I can suggest until I see it,
Happy Drought Tolerant Gardening!