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by melissa lugo
(miami beach)


Succulent about to bloom?

This succulent is growing really fast and it seems like it is about to flower. Any ideas of what is is called?

Comments for What type of succulent is this?

Oct 11, 2014

Echeveria of some kind…
by: Jacki

This is an Echeveria, although I’m not sure exactly what kind; there are many named cultivars and even seed grown kinds.

This tall flower stalk is fairly typical, and the blooms can be pink, white, peach or red colors, and in the shape of bells hanging in clusters from a spray. They can be extremely pretty, and are an added bonus on top of the gorgeous plants.

These plants will finish flowering, then the stalk can be cut off, and it will bloom again next year.

I don’t believe I have a picture of this particular one, but there are lots of others here and more about how to grow them here.

Oct 11, 2014

by: trina

Wish there’s a better picture but it looks like echeveria black Prince.

Oct 12, 2014

Hedging my bets…
by: Jacki

That’s why I didn’t commit myself to any particular variety, although I did think of that one. See more about Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ here to compare.