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by steve t


Thick, full, pointed, semi-variegated leaves w/ long flowering stems

Hi Steve, wow, a variegated Haworthia? I’ve never seen that before. This cutie pie is Haworthia cymbiformis, or one of the hybrids with that in the background.

They are super easy to grow, and like a bright situation indoors, but they’re not as picky about the light intensity as some of their cousins, the Aloe – although related, they originated in slightly different conditions and can be much easier to grow as a houseplant.

You can see more about these great little plants here.

The general care instructions for most succulents apply, but they do seem to do better with a bit less light and a bit more water. They are the perfect beginners succulent, as they are much less apt to die under the usual stressful conditions; too much moisture.

Have fun with your little plant; some people have started with these, and end up with a collection numbering hundreds of different species; this fascinating genus can really get it’s hooks into you, so watch out!

Best of luck,