by Gayle
(Sacramento, CA)

I adopted my Paul Bunyan echiveria last summer. It had big fat blisters which I loved. Now all of the new growth has no blisters at all. What am I doing wrong?

I live in Sacramento and have many succulents which stay outside all year. It seems to be very healthy, even after an attack by snails while I was gone for a week. What can I do to get the blisters to come back?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Gayle, the blisters on these plants seem to be missing or deficient on newer leaves, and it’s quite likely that as the leaves age they will again show those lovely carunculations.

Snails attacking, or any other cultural change will not affect this permanently, as the blisters are determined by DNA, not anything you do.

In time, you’ll most likely see the blisters again.

It could be that in the first part of the year when growth is rapid, the leaves will show up plain, but in the summer the new leaves will be slower growing and have the carunculations.

Happy Echeveria Growing!