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by sylva parrillo

I had a Maternity plant and tried to cover it because we were going to have a freeze. It was 5′ tall and broke off to 4′. Is there any way to replant and save this plant?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

As these plants are so fleshy and tend to be top heavy, I can see how this would be a problem, especially if you’re covering it. I would just go ahead and cut off the damaged part, and make cuttings out of it if you want more.

Cutting off the top will make it more bushy, and it won’t get as tall (if that was your intention) unless you start a new one.

You could do this with the part you cut off, by planting the whole top as a huge cutting, in fresh soil (you don’t say if these are in containers or in ground). This is such an undemanding plant that you will most likely have great success with doing the huge cutting thing.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for mATERNITY pLANT broke off 4′

May 11, 2016
Christmas cactus
by: Sheryl

I got my grandma’s cactus and the leaves have a little wrinkle in them. And when is it a good time to repot it

May 11, 2016
Repotting Christmas Cactus
by: Jacki

Hi Sheryl, I normally will repot any of the Holiday Cactus after they finish blooming. That’s when they grow for a while, then go dormant for the summer.

Wrinkling of the leaves can happen when they’re really dry, or when they’re too wet. They need good drainage. If you imagine them in their native habitat, they grow in a jungle, high in the tree tops. They live on leaves that fall out of the higher trees, and rain will just run off, so they never sit in water.

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