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by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)


Rustic Birdcage


I’ve had this little metal birdcage for a long time – originally it had a tea light candle in it, but I decided to burn the paint off it in the bonfire, then it aged and weathered outside in the gazebo for a few years, forgotten and abandoned.

I saw a post on Gardening Fantasies which prompted me to copy it by planting little succulent plant cuttings in my rustic birdcage too – I may have to go to the dollar store more often.

Sometimes you can find a real bird cage at the recycle center or thrift store.

They have multiple uses, including as a mouse or chipmunk deterrent for hardy succulents or alpine plants in the garden, or the challenging Lithops in the greenhouse.

A collection of rustic bird cages never goes amiss in my garden…