by Blue
(Son Ranch)

Rustic Garden Art Lantern

Rustic Garden Art Lantern

I’m notorious for making really cool planters and other garden art out of pretty much anything that other people see as trash.

I have no pride – I’ll ask if I can scrounge through whatever they’re throwing out, and usually I walk away with a big grin and some obscure item that has the potential for being made into a piece of art.

I feel sorry for other people without the imagination to see unique and inspirational garden funk.

Here’s a really fun project that I made with an old lantern type light fixture. The price written on a piece of tape was $50.00 – I would never have paid that, but the person who had hoarded it for however long finally decided to get rid of it.

I had seen it stuffed in a box and coveted it.

I’m reluctant to let people know when I want something, as then they might think it’s valuable. Most times it’s not, except to me.

This project was pretty easy, even fixing the broken struts with wire. I cut the top of the hanging bracket with a hacksaw, but other than that, it’s pretty low tech.

I used black plastic mesh to fill the holes, then plugged in some chicks off my Sempervivum collection. Give it a month or so, and it’ll fill in beautifully!

Comments for Rustic Salvaged Art

Aug 07, 2010

Another plus for Recycling!!
by: Countrymouse

Wow! You ARE a force to be reckoned with!!
I’ll bet people love coming to see your garden.
What a unique, exotic looking little planter!
I’m inspired to take a second look at “junk”, thanks for sharing this idea.