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by Mary Jane Fortney
(Houston, Texas)

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MJ’s Broken Terra Cotta Succulent Pot Project

What do you do with a huge terra cotta pot that is cracked; cracks too large to hold anything major in the pot!

Hmmmm…I also had numerous shards from other pots too! I have been a gardener all my life; more years than I want to admit.

But I have had a recent interest in growing succulents, so the idea for my ‘Broken Terra Cotta Succulent Pot Project’ was born.

I traded some plant cuttings I had been rooting here south of Houston, Texas with another gardener who had succulent cuttings in California. She sent me a large box full of cuttings, I had read about letting them ‘harden off’, and I was ready.

This evening I completed my project, I hope you like it. I do, even though I don’t know the names of any of the plants I used.

Comments for Broken Terra Cotta Pot Project

Aug 22, 2016

There’s life after breaking
by: Jacki

Your pot is gorgeous, Mary. In this case, it doesn’t even matter what the names of the plants are, just that they’re happy and healthy. You can be proud of this one!