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by Sarah


It is slightly wilted

I bought the plant in NY. It is in a small pot and has very long spider-like “leaves” on it. They all branch out in different directions. It is a light green color, and the leaves are thick, but no wider than a pencil.

Hi Sarah, from the picture it’s hard to tell, but are the leaves smooth and hairless? If so, this looks like one of the Senecio, such as S. mandraliscae or Chalk Sticks. There are several that are pretty commonly found, but there is a trick to them. You absolutely must let them dry out almost completely between watering thoroughly, or the wilting, which is an indication of root rot from overwatering, is what happens.

See the page on how to prune succulents; is this the same plant?

Hope this helps identify your plant and gives you some idea of what to look for.