by Danielle M
(Columbus, OH)


This mystery succulent has thick fleshy large leave, which in my opinion are beavertail shaped. Each leaf growing from the stem seems to hug the stem. The leaves also have a lighter grayish tint to them until touched, with a faintly red edge.

I haven’t had this plant very long, so it’s only grown a little. I have no idea if it flowers.

Any help with identifying it would be greatly appreciated!

Comments for Succulent with fleshy beaver tail shaped leaves

Sep 20, 2017

Crassula ‘Blue Bird’
by: Jacki

This looks like Crassula ‘Blue Bird’ which shows that slightly blue look to the leaves, and one of the giveaway traits is the visible pores in the foliage, as well as the opposite arrangement of the leaves.

See more about this genus here; Crassula