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by Sherrie



I have been trying to identify this plant for some months now, but haven’t had any luck.

I’ve had it for three years, but last year was the first time it flowered. It doesn’t grow very fast, but is very hardy.

If you could give me any information, I’d be very grateful.

Many thanks,


Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Sherrie, what a neat plant! I really don’t know what it could be; the leaves with the scalloped edges are similar to some of the Kalanchoe genus, but the flowers are very distinctive little bells. Although many Kalanchoe have bell-like blooms, they are usually in a cluster, not in twos and threes. Sorry I can’t help you, but I’ll keep looking, or maybe another visitor will be able to help.


Comments for Succulent with Bell Like Flowers

May 06, 2011

kalanchoe fedtschenkoi
by: jacquie

kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

May 08, 2011

Thanks Jackie!
by: Sherrie

Hi Jackie,

Thanks so much for solving the mystery for me!

It’s great to finally know what my plant is.

Take care,

All the best,


Aug 13, 2012

by: Anonymous

I have also had a hard time identifying my kalanchoe fedtschenkoi. Thank you for taking the time to put this up. 🙂

Feb 05, 2013

succulent ID
by: sheryl

The plant that you have in the pot is a cotyledon. They are extremely diverse in shape and form. If you look up cotyledon on the net you will find what you are looking for.

Feb 06, 2013

Cotyledon info
by: Sherrie

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

Wish I’d posted on here earlier!



Nov 02, 2014

by: Andrea

Many thanks for posting the answer. I just found these growing in a small forrest of the high Andes, Ecuador

Aug 30, 2015

by: jessie

I believe that is called a blue jean plant i have several of them

Feb 10, 2017

My Advice…
by: Tanya

My daughter brought me a 3″ cutting from her plant in New Orleans. I put it in a pot and watered with fertilizer and within a year it grew very large and produced many small bell shaped pink flowers. Feed your plant on a regular basis and it will grow very fast and I used a all purpose plant fertilizer.

Aug 11, 2017

Plant name
by: Linda

Dust plant. Kalanchoe Punta.

Sep 25, 2017

Could it be…?
by: Jacki

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi, or Lavender Scallops?