It’s a plant for sale in a supermarket but they just call it a succulent plant. The leaves just look like fat pea pods.

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Aug 24, 2017

Peperomia ‘Amigo Split’
by: Jacki

This little cutie is a Peperomia – although it looks succulent, it needs slightly different care.

They don’t like full sun and drought in the same way as other succulents, making them perfect candidates for growing indoors, even in terrariums.

They like fairly frequent watering, maybe once or twice a month, with no need for a drought (dormant rest) period.

This one is Peperomia ‘Amigo Split’, a cultivar developed fairly recently, and is a popular succulent house plant.

See more about this genus here; Peperomia

Dec 11, 2017

by: Nm

That’s a Peperomia ferreyrae