Use the Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book To Show You How to Propagate Succulents Successfully

You may not know how to make more plants for your baskets and containers, but how hard can it be?

Chop off a bunch of pieces, stick them in a pot of soil, and bob’s your uncle, right? But then, all the pieces of the succulent plant turn black and rot. What went wrong?

You may have done the one thing I recommend you don’t – and you didn’t even know it was the wrong thing to do.

I’ve spent years perfecting the steps to success when rooting succulent cuttings; don’t make the costly and time consuming mistakes that I’ve made.

With over thirty years of experience rooting cuttings, dividing the roots of plants, grafting and growing more new plants from seed, I’ve done the experiments and discovered the tricks of the trade. This means you don’t need to develop the systems – I’ve already done that for you.

Start here: This concise 17 page e-book is straightforward to get you started quickly; here are a few of the questions you might have:

  • Which part exactly will grow into a new plant?
  • How soon will it be big enough to plant in my garden?
  • Can I really grow as many as I like, from just one little piece of the plant?
  • How can I root succulents?
  • What do I do first to get going?
  • What are the most important things to remember about propagating succulents?

Dear Succulently Obsessed,

I recommend this book to get you started with growing more succulents – there is no end to the advice you’ll come across on the web, but not all of it will be applicable to your conditions.

No single e-book can cover all the potential unique differences in climate, humidity and temperature in all the different areas of the world.

However, if you need some detailed instructions on what to look for and how to tailor your growing area and the care regimen to give to your plants, this book contains all you need to know.

Be a life-long learner!


The Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book answers all these questions and more.

The wonderful thing about succulents is how forgiving they are, and how willing to thrive in spite of doing everything wrong – but now you won’t have to make those mistakes.

Sure, you can do all the research and find lots of similar information online, but if you’re like me, you want it all right now.

Here’s a few of the tips that you’ll find in this e-book:

  • Let me share this hint to setting the timer on your grow lights for the best growth.
  • See why you shouldn’t do this one thing when rooting cuttings of your succulent plants – this important step can mean the difference between healthy happy plants, and rotting dead mush.
  • Find out about this fascinating habit of Jovibarba species, and why their ‘chicks’ are called by the odd name of ‘rollers’.

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