Another Successful Hypertufa Project


There are some things that are so simple yet turn out to be something extraordinary. This set of planters is just a one.

Making these flat dishes was my experiment in using cloth as a strengthener, and it worked well for that, but now what do I do with the resulting flat dishes?

Suddenly it came to me; plant them with moss and make them into a dry streambed!

I went one further, and combined them into one long multi level display with mossy logs, a rocky mountain freshet and even found a stone with moss already growing on it.


Moss is an unusual ‘plant’ – it doesn’t need soil, just moisture to cling to rocks and hypertufa. Find out more about how to grow it to use in planters and crafts here.

I put some soil in anyway, just to change the levels that the moss will eventually fill in to make an undulating surface. Just give it a few months, and some rain…


The streambed will fill in and settle, and in time it will look like a miniature moss garden. Do you love miniature landscapes? I know I do!

Here is the tutorial on Blue Fox Farm to show you how to DIY your own; Faux Driftwood Planter.