Your Manual for Microbusiness Success

This e-Book combines everything you get with the Succulent Plant Business E-Course in pdf format.


It includes all my e-Books on various related topics, like Succulent Plant Propagation, Plant Pests and much more. Written by a Certified Horticulturist, you know that these e-Books will give you the straight goods.

Also included are all the e-Courses you’ve come to know and love, all in one accessible place.

Some are now in pdf format, like the Winterizing Succulents e-Course, seen here in an e-book that is now sold separately.

To start your own microbusiness, passion isn’t enough. You still need the steps to take to get to success.
This massive undertaking takes you there. Work with the e-Book offline to fully immerse yourself. Learn anywhere!
This e-book comprises all the material formerly included in the e-course, but in an easy-to-consume format.
I’ve had to charge a small amount of money for it, but with over 140 pages and many images, you’ll see that it’s worth this much.

I learned all this stuff by flying by the seat of my pants. My online plant business was hugely successful, but eventually my health concerns came first, and then, instead of shutting it down, I sold it! I outline exactly how you can do the same, using my guidance.

You also get some never-before-included material, such as the Greenhouse Gardening book, which will inspire you as you start your journey.


Succulent Plant Business E-Book – the manual for microbusiness success… Growing Succulents for Profit | Start Your Own Succulent Nursery

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