Start Your Succulent Plant Obsession

Maybe you’ve been resisting blindly following the fad of succulents. Or maybe you’re certain that your black thumb means that they’ll all die, even if you do buy some of these odd and fascinating plants.


Either way, the fad doesn’t seem to be going away, which is the good news; there are lots of succulents out there, just waiting for you to find them.

For a beginning grower, the whole thing can seem overwhelming. The textures, shapes and sizes of succulents run the gamut- they can be soft looking and rounded, or sharp and spiky, and everything in between.

How do you even choose which ones will grow and survive?

Start small – choose a type of plant that appeals to you on some level – here are ten easy to grow succulents that you may want to start with, to see where you can take it.

Succeed with one, take it from there; sometimes it will start you on the journey to collecting many different kinds – or just one.

One of the most important factors when growing succulents is light levels – unlike ferns or African violets, they don’t thrive in dim light.

Don’t have a bright spot? Get a small grow light – the prices for one big enough for two or three plants are surprisingly reasonable.

The other very crucial factor in the success of succulents is the soil and watering. Find out more about succulent plant care.

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Always make sure that your plant pot or container has a drainage hole. Nothing kills succulents faster than waterlogged soil around their roots.

New growers can feel completely overwhelmed and worry constantly about their ‘babies’ but I can assure you that these plants are tougher than they look.

You may find that the first attempts might not work out and the plants don’t thrive, but always keep in mind the fact that they evolved in desert like climates – intense sunlight, dry soil and air, and infrequent rainfall.

Mimic these conditions and have great success.