Garden Plant Pots

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Growing plants in containers instead of a garden can open a whole new world to those with limited mobility or space to garden.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is one way to have home grown vegetables or herbs flourishing on a deck or balcony, or embellish your living space with the beauty of flowering plants.

Many plants do very well in the confined space of containers. Vegetables specially bred for their small size can be grown successfully to provide many meals for the gardener. Ensuring the container is large enough, and has drainage holes for excess water to escape are all that are required.

Use tubs, oak barrels, large pots, even used peat moss bags salvaged out of the trash – recycle if you can.

Make sure the balcony or porch is strong enough to hold the weight of the container gardening soil.

Many herbs and will grow quite happily in containers, and it’s commonplace to see them in terracotta clay pots or old enamelware pans.

Topiary rosemary or bay will be happy for many years in a clay pot, clipped to shape every season and the clippings used for culinary purposes.

Container garden using bags

Succulent plants look fabulous in containers of all kinds.

Grow a collection of Sedum and Sempervivum together in a dish garden, or tender succulents like Echeveria on your deck or patio.

Best of all is a display with the many forms and types, from warty rosettes to clustering clumps in a collection together.

You will also be pleased with the way all these plants combine with grasses and other container plants.

Make sure you choose those that have the same easy care requirements as the succulent plants so you can water less often.

Low maintenance container gardening is the wave of the future as our time, and water, becomes more precious.