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by Al hickey
(London ont canada)



My daughter has a holly bush which she wants to move, it’s quite large and we were wondering how and when would be the best time to move it? What prep is required for the new home etc. We live in Southern Ontario.
Thx Al.

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Mar 18, 2018
How Large is Large?
by: Jacki

Most broadleaf evergreen shrubs and trees can be moved in spring, before growth begins, but after the ground has thawed completely.

When you say ‘large’ I’m not sure if I recommend moving something this size. Any tree larger than about six feet (two meters) has an established root system, and disturbing it to the extent that digging it up will entail could kill it. I generally try to prepare the tree to be moved a year in advance, by cutting down with a spade to bissect some of the roots to encourage it to put out more finer roots that can support it.

Most holly bushes have incredibly prickly leaves, which might make it hard to dig and handle.

If the tree is bigger than a meter or two, bite the bullet and buy a new one, leaving the original behind.

Also, just so you know, Ilex (holly) is dioecious, meaning that there are male plants and female plants, and you need both to get those fabulous red berries. If yours is a female plant, there must be a male plant somewhere close by, and moving it may eliminate that possibility, and therefore the berries. If it’s a male plant, someone else in the neighborhood will be deprived of the berries.