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by Suvi
(Glen Allen, VA, USA)


This is a succulent I picked up last week from my local nursery. It has a woody thick stem and light green-yellowish waxy pointed leaves. The leaves have a slight reddish color on the tips. It seems to have the general shape of a jade plant, but the leaves are far more fragile. A few fell off during the repotting.

There are pups growing from the base of the stem near the soil. Any ideas what this one is?


Comments for succulent from my local nursery

Mar 30, 2015

by: Jacki

Any time I hear the words ‘leaves fall off easily’ I know that the plant is some kind of Pachyphytum or a hybrid thereof.

This species is renowned for having the leaves loosely attached, so you have to be extremely careful when handling it, ie: put it somewhere that it won’t get brushed against or handled. They also typically have lots of ‘bloom’ or a dusty waxy coating.

To add to the mystery, these plants are often crossbred with other genera, so there are hybrids that are a bit unusual, because usually only species are crossbred to form hybrids.

Some of the other genera that are seen as the other parent are Sedum (which I suspect yours is), Echeveria and others. These generic hybrids are usually denoted by an ‘x’ in front of the name, like this; x Pachyveria.

They all need the same care, infrequent watering and warm bright conditions.

Mar 30, 2015

by: Suvi

Thanks Jacki.

Yes, I have it on a sunny window sill and so far it seems to be doing pretty well.


Jul 26, 2022

by: Zeke

It’s Sedum adolphii