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It has waxy green leaves with a woody stem and pink flowers

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Allison, that is most truly a gorgeous plant.

You haven’t given me much to go on, like a closer picture of the leaves, more of a description (ie; where did you get this – a nursery or greenhouse? Or does it grow wild in your area? Does it like sun or shade? What kind of conditions do you have it in – indoors as a houseplant, or outside?)

All these things have a bearing on trying to identify a plant.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what this is, although I have a few ideas.

It could be some kind of Adenium, which have similar gorgeous flowers although they tend to have extremely large stems, called a caudex, in time.

Many Kalanchoe have the most brightly coloured flowers, so that’s another option.

It could also be some type of Euphorbia. If the leaves and stems ooze a white latex, this will be it.

The flowers themselves, with the fused petals, look similar to Mandevilla, but that’s more vine like.

Sorry, I’m stumped. I’m pretty sure that someone will be along soon who recognizes it, so stay tuned!


Comments for Succulent Flowering Plant

Mar 29, 2012

Adenium – the Desert Rose
by: Jacki

Oddly enough, I found your plant while I was researching for someone else – I guess what I missed was the fact that these plants will bloom before they get the big bulbous stem at the base.

Here’s more about it on Dave’s Garden Website: Adenium obesum.

May 02, 2012

Caudex covered?
by: Brad

It is an Adenium. I have many different colors in my collection. Some with a caudex, and some without. All of them that I have grown from seed have a caudex. I would question after looking at the picture if someone had planted the caudex below soil. Which should not be done.