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    by Alexandra
    (tampa, florida)

    3 plants that need to be identified from home depot described as succulent 21623423

    the bottom one I believe to be crassula aregentea.

    the one above that i think is echeveria perle von nurnberg.

    and the one above that I have no idea. in the photo it is all green and chalky. however, now it has reddsih tinting on the tips…

    I hope that someone can help me identify each one of these.

    Drought Smart Plants reply:

    Hi Alexandra, it seems to me that you are right on the money with the first two except for the spelling of Crassula argentea (also known as C. ovata) – You can find out more about each of those here:


    Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’

    As for the last one, I’m thinking that it’s most likely Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, based on the chalky powdery substance on the leaves, and the red tinge that you describe.

    All of these plants are relatively easy to grow, with fast draining soil, bright light and a good watering about twice a month. If you can, allow them to dry out between good soakings.

    Quite often, these types of plants are just labeled as ‘succulent’ which means that they have fleshy leaves and are drought resistant; many box stores carry a mixed bag, and mostly these are low maintenance, easy to propagate, and will take a lot of abuse. Keep in mind that one type of mis handling is bound to kill them, and that’s to overwater them. If in doubt, don’t water.

    Hope this helps,

    See also the page on succulent care for more information on how to successfully grow these interesting plants.