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by Sandollar
(Sacramento, CA, US)

black-and-white-bloom on long tier succulent plant 21733713
thumb black and white bloom on long tier succulent plant 21733713
thumb black and white bloom on long tier succulent plant 21733714

A friend’s neighbor who has this plant does not even know what type of succulent plant this is… but my friend got the photo of the plant and the beautiful black and white bloom!
We’d love to know what this is for identification purposes and because I’d love to have one myself.

Hi Sandolar, these are indeed fascinating plants; there are two species that go by the name of Carrion Plant (called that because the flowers have a distinctive stench, similar to rotting meat); this one is Stapelia, and the other one which has that characteristic is Huernia.

Stapelia have the trait of producing the most amazingly huge flowers, opening them from a balloon like bud into this wide open shape, which the flies love. They are attracted to the smell, but then transfer the pollen from plant to plant to fertilize the flower and produce seeds.

They are easy to propagate, and will root from a piece of the ‘stem’ if you find a small one and gently pull it off. They root easily if you don’t overwater them, and although it can take several years before they produce the blooms, eventually, you too can experience the distinct aroma.

Have fun with your Carrion Flower!

Comments for Black and White Bloom on Long tier succulent plant

Jul 25, 2022

Into orbit
by: Zeke

Orbea variegata

Aug 05, 2019
Not a stinky flower
by: Earl

I have one of these and there is no smell associated with the bloom.
That one appears to be older, less fresh of a bloom.

Jan 14, 2016

South Australia
by: Irene

My Stapelia has flowered twice, each bloom lasting 3 to 5 days. For the last 3 months 2 cylindrical pods have been developing on the same stem, to 10 cms long and yesterday one finally opened releasing at least 50 seeds, most of which I collected. Each seed is surrounded by fine hairs, rather like a dandelion, and which carry the seed as it floats off in the wind.

I have collected the second pod and wonder what to do with it. Has anyone grown them from seed, or does anyone want them?