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by Countrymouse


Sick Aeonium ‘Kiwi’

My Aeoniums have prompted me to seek help without delay. WHAT have they got?
I don’t see anything visible on them, but they must have SOME pest that’s burrowing in the leaves.
Three are affected, and ONLY those, even though there are other plants in close proximity, some of which are other aeoniums.
Also, other kiwi’s in another room and not affected.
Any ideas?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I would: a) isolate and quarantine this plant and any others that are showing the same signs, and watch them all carefully, and: b) cut one of the blisters or lumps open to see if there is a pest actually living inside the leaf.

It’s also possible that it has a condition caused by excess water, either in the soil or in the atmosphere. Cool temperatures can affect them too. If you remember where these plants originate (the Canary Islands and Tenerife), they have adapted to a warm dry climate with good air circulation, sometimes a difficult thing to find in the northern hemisphere.

Hope you get this figured out!


See also the page on Aeonium for more insight.