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seems to grow with three leaves per layer. not quite uniform in layers–not one on top of the other. solid green..a little dark. the leaves have a somewhat bumpy/ rough bottom. somewhat hard leaves. pointy tips. the leaves are not wide or flat, but not skinny. Rather round on the bottom and semi-flat on the top.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Austin, you’re close – these are related to Aloe, but have some differences. This is a type of Haworthia, I’m not sure which one as there are many similar ones.

Even though they are closely related to Aloe, Gasteria and other heat and drought tolerant succulents, Haworthia do have a couple of distinct differences. They do not appreciate the bright conditions that the other plants relish, and they also do better if they have more regular watering.

Despite these unique traits, they are one of the best types of succulents to start your collection with, as they’re care free and not fussy at all if you neglect them a bit, or don’t have exactly the right conditions.


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Comments for Stacked very short aloe leaves

Sep 02, 2019

Re:stacked leaves by: SR

It looks quite like haworthiopsis viscosa (which used to be classified, “haworthia viscosa”).