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by Sue Jordan


We installed a storm shelter this spring and placed a large raised bed over it. I am searching for the lowest of maintenance filler for this 16 x 16′ area. I’d love to have low growing flowering perennials or succulents. We are zone 7 – the soil is a bit sandy and has full sun most all day.

Your help appreciated making this a showcase for flowers! We planted a few veggies and strawberries…. but would like to focus on flowers.

Hi Sue, wow, in Zone 7 you have a ton of choices.

My favorite all time low growing and low maintenance plant is Sedum, and I can highly recommend any of the Sedum spurium varieties.

You can see more about one of my favorites here; Sedum spurium ‘Dragons Blood is one that I really like for it’s dark red foliage and pink blooms.

I love to plant lots of different ones together so they form a really bright tapestry.

Another great choice is Sempervivum, or hens and chicks.

These will enjoy your situation, and grow without any care from you, gradually filling in the whole area. Again, lots of different ones to choose from make it interesting and textural. As an added bonus, both of these plants attract butterflies and bees galore.

I will look forward to hearing which plants you choose for this great project.

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Jun 22, 2014

Thank you!
by: Sue

Thank you! Will keep you posted (with pics too) as decisions/choices are made 🙂