by Tory
(Columbia, SC)


This succulent has short green “finger-like” leaves that point vertically.

This little character is one of my favorite little succulents, Haworthia. They are so tough and reliable, even though they look extremely delicate and juicy.

They are related to Aloe and other tender succulents, and you can see this by their flowers; little tubes, sometimes with lines of different colors on, clustered at the top of a long spray.

They require a little less in the way of light than some of their relatives, making them the perfect plant to start your succulent collection with; there is much less chance of accidentally killing them with kindness, and overwatering. They shrug off neglect, and are resistant to most pests and diseases.

All told, they are a great little plant, and yours is just one form that they show up in; some are quite different, like Haworthia fasciata, among others.

Hope this gets you started on a Haworthia obsession!