Weird and Wacky Succulent Planter

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Planting succulents into odd and weird planters is all over the web; however, this one is a bit different.


The dog dragged home a deer skull, and after trading her for a more appropriate bone, I threw this one up onto the shed roof to get bleached and cleaned by the sun and weather.

Three years later, I pulled it down and discovered to my delight that it’s even got some lichen started on it.

The supplies I used for this project are simple; a piece of tie wire and a bit of scrap nylon insect screen, a few teaspoons of soil, and some tiny rosettes of Sempervivum.

Click on any of the pictures to open the gallery and see a larger sized image;


Soil is spooned into the cavities and small rosettes of Sempervivum plugged in to the eye sockets and nose areas.

Laying it down for a bit will let the hens root in, then it can be hung up on a fence or to decorate a barnboard potting bench.


Later; the plants are rooted in, and growing happily in their odd home.