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by Lew-Ann
(Ogunquit, Maine)


I have had this plant for 10 years and don’t know what it is. This year it bloomed for the first time.

Need to find out if I should take it out or leave it in.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Well, I know if it was me, and I had the room, I would leave this plant right where it’s at – it’s gorgeous! This is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, one of the best of all Kalanchoe species, and as you’ve found, they are a little finicky in their requirements to set the buds to bloom.

In most cases, they need to have a summer outdoors, with periodic watering, and then once the night temperatures cool down a bit, the buds will be in place for it to bloom, usually from November to March, just when we need it the most.

They come in many shades of pink, red and scarlet as well as white, all very pretty.

Have fun with your plant!

See also the page on succulent care.

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Comments for long, thick green stem,with small pink flowers

Mar 15, 2012
Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana
by: Lew-Ann

Wow! Thank you so much! It is so great to know something about this plant. It has been around for so long. And yes I had already discovered when you cut it back it is so easy to make new plants. The blossoms shown are actually from cuttings. the blooms on the plants themselves are yet to come. can’t wait!