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Growing succulents can sometimes be challenging, but this free download will help with some of the questions that get asked.

Basic Succulent Care Sheet

The basics are simple and luckily, easy to remember.  The needs of succulent plants are so different than other common houseplants that it’s easy to get off track.

For one thing, they don’t like or appreciate having ‘wet feet’ like many other plants, such as ferns or African violets.  Although it goes against all our ‘motherly instincts’  you need to be cruel to be kind – ie: let them dry out between waterings.

The usual culprits when it comes to your new succulents not doing as well as you hoped are light, soil, and watering.  These basic necessities of life are crucial when it comes to succulent plants.

This care sheet also covers details about what to do with your plants when you first get them – if you order plants online and they are shipped in the mail, sometimes it’s hard to know what the best treatment is to get them into full health again.

Getting plants from box stores means that they haven’t had the best of care – most big stores don’t hire a horticulturist or gardener to look after the plants, and they don’t have a specially designed area with all the right conditions for them to be displayed in.

Or, if you’ve had them a while, but they’re not doing as well as you would like, maybe it’s something truly simple that can make all the difference. 

These plants will tell you when they’re not in optimum health, but it’s up to you to read the signs.

Basic Succulent Care Sheet

You need a checklist to go through to give you a basic outline of what your plants need.  Here it is!

This downloadable sheet has some great tips for the most healthy succulent plants, no matter where your plants come from. 

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