Little Rosette Forming Stonecrop

For a long time, I wasn’t even sure that this plant was a Sedum. It has pale blue green rosettes of foliage, shyly blooming in mid summer with white flowers. I use it extensively in containers due to its well behaved mound of fresh appearing foliage.


The stems are short and stocky, and covered with brown scales. This is a pretty unique trait, not something that a lot of other species have.

In the fall, the foliage will die back, making this one of the few actually deciduous Sedum. I was amazed to see the new growth forming in the center of all the dead foliage.

Eventual spread is around 30cm (1′), and it will mound to around 15cm (5″) high.

I highly recommend this plant for containers, troughs and rockeries.


Interestingly there seem to be a few different clones of this plant in the trade; someone gave me this one as a contrast to the one I already had; note the rounded instead of toothed foliage.

A chance seedling, perhaps, which survived and adapted to the local conditions; an example of evolution at work.

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