White Powdery Stonecrop

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Sedum spathufolium ‘Cape Blanco’ or ‘Capo Blanco’ is one of the most ‘bloomed’ of all Sedum.

The bloom is a waxy coating to prevent moisture loss from the leaves, similar to that found on plums and grapes.


This makes the plant from a distance appear white or silvery, very pretty in an extensive planting.

When cooler weather arrives, and even into the spring, the leaves take on a plummy pink colour.

The flowers are held on short 4-6cm stems and are bright golden.


Sedum spathufolium ‘Capo Blanco’ – the whitest of all
I plant Sedum spathufolium ‘Cape Blanco’ in trough gardens and containers, as well as rockeries. Very pretty and different looking.

There are two other very similar types; Sedum spathufolium (the species) which is native to the west

coast of North America, and the lovely purple type which has bigger leaves and a distinctive plummy shade to the foliage.

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